Dance with me

July 14, 2024
In this weekend's readings, we see David, the warrior and King, do something at least one person thought was unworthy of someone of his position: he danced with all his…

Family gatherings

June 9, 2024
It’s summer! Time for warm weather, bonfires, camping, golfing... and of course, family gatherings. Family gatherings can be wonderful. But sometimes they don’t go quite the way we expect. And…

I am so thirsty!

May 19, 2024
Pentecost! The birthday of the church! The day the followers were touched by the flames of the Spirit. But today, let’s talk about water, instead.

The Great Physician

February 25, 2024
One of the most famous aspects of Jesus’ ministry is the way he went out among the people to heal them. The sick, those with mental illness, the lame, the…

Beloved of God

February 18, 2024
When Jesus rose out of the water during his baptism by John, the heavens opened up, and the voice of God told him that he, Jesus, was God’s beloved child,…